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Montblanc Writing Instruments

  1. The Montblanc StarWalker Black Precious Resin Fountain Pen.
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Montblanc Writing Instruments

Over Montblancs 100 year plus history their writing instrument collection has designed and produced hundreds of pens, including Ballpoint Pens, Fountain Pens, Rollerball Pens, Fineliners and Mechanical Pencils. They have mostly produced each of these writing instruments in various collections, the most iconic being the Meisterstück collection, and more recently in the StarWalker and Heritage. Montblanc has become well known for using the best materials in their products, ranging from precious resin, platinum, palladium, sterling silver, gold and more.

Probably the most popular writing instrument that Montblanc produces is their Ballpoint Pens. These are easy to use and beautiful to write with, each pen comes with twist mechanism inside to reveal the nib. Simply turn the cap back once you have finished writing and the ballpoint nib returns to the cap. This pen uses an oil-based refill, this means the ink dries instantly on the page to ensure easy and quick writing.

Throughout its history Montblanc has established itself for producing the most sought after fountain pens in the writing instrument market. This rich history dates back to the early 1900's, when they produced their first fountain pen. The majority of Montblanc fountain pens come fitted with a hand crrafted 18ct gold nib, they are made in a variety of nib widths that include medium, fine, broad, oblique. The Montblanc fountain pens come fitted with a piston converter to allow you to easily draw ink through the nib from a Montblanc ink bottle, or they have been manufactured to simply fit one of the many Montblanc ink cartridges that have been produced in a variety of colours. The ink creeates a truly unique free flowing writing experience, making the fountain pens perfect for signatures, calligraphy or simply writing pages after page.

Montblancs Mechanical Pencils have been created solely for their most iconic collection, the Meisterstück range. Like every Montblanc writing instrument, the pencils have been crafted using the finest materials, the Meisterstück collection is made from precious resin and fitted with a gold or silver clip. These Mechanical Pencils come in two sizes, the Classique size which is ideal for men and women, and the LeGrand size that is slightly thicker making it ideal for people with larger hands.

The Montblanc Rollerball Pens continues their luxurious feel and includes similarities of the ballpoint and fountain pen. The rollerball pens use a ball bearing nib to allow a flowing writing, but also come with a cap that has to be removed for writing like the fountain pens. A gel ink is used in the Montblanc Rollerballs, so unlink the viscous inks of the ballpoints this produces a more free-flowing ink on the paper. Due to the Montblanc rollerballs using this gel ink the removeable cap must always be placed back on the pen when you finish writing to avoid the liquid to dry out in the refill.

Each Montblanc pen is truly unique and has been made with its own individual serial number to show its authenticity, this has been engraved around top part of the clip. If you wish to authenticate your pen just look for this code, it will also let you identify the year the pen was made in. Upon purchase of your Montblanc pen, it will come packaged in its own bespoke presentation box to hold your pen in safely when not in use. Your Montblanc writing instrument will come with a 2 year international warranty booklet that is filled out on the day of purchased, complete with the serial number for reference.

Montblanc Writing Instrument Refills

At Pen Sense we stock an extensive range of Montblanc pen refills to make sure you never have to go too long without the use of you pen. We stock the core colours of Montblanc refills along with any special or limited edition colours that come out every year. To make sure all of your writing instruments never run out of ink we off a free UK delivery service to keep you constantly writing.

Montblanc Complimentary Writing Instrument Personalisation

We are delighted to offer a free of charge bespoke personalisation service at Pen Sense for most of the Montblanc writing instruments that we stock. With our engraving machines we can engrave onto the cap or clip of most of the Montblanc pens that we stock. On the pen caps we can usually engrave up to three line of text, depending on the size of cap. We would engrave your chosen text into the resin of the pen and then fill this in to match the trim of the pen you have chosen. This makes for a truly unique gift for either a birthday, anniversary or graduation. The pen clip engraving that we offer at Pen Sense is more limited to space, we are able to engrave up to 6 characters on the pen clips. This is more suited to initials engraving and is a more subtle engraving. One final think to consider with our engraving is to let us know whether you are left or right handed so we can match the engraving direction so the engraving is visible when you are using the item. For a slightly longer message, we can attach a plaque to the Montblanc gift box. The plaques come in a silver or gold colour to match the trim of the pen and this allows you to write a more personal longer message. At Pen Sense we are able to help with any corporate enquiries, for a more large scale engraving service we are able to advise and turn any order around with great speed. We can engrave your company logo onto our plaques and in some cases even engrave onto the pen cap itself. To finish off any gift in a personal way we also offer a free of charge gift-wrapping service for all of our Montblanc writing instruments, all gift wraps are finished with a gift card which can be left blank for you to write or we are able to hand-write your chosen message for you.