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Montblanc has unveiled the new all-black cross-category collection that pays tribute to its heritage while celebrating the attributes associated with the Maisons’ central colour – style, elegance and the simplicity of timeless design. Since the beginning of time black has been a part of Montblanc’s brand. Ebonite was the main ingredient in the production of Montblanc’s original writing instruments, and one of only two colours in the company’s emblem, created in 1913.

“The colour black plays a big part in our Maison’s essence, and is core to the brand’s identity, even as it evolved over the years to become the Maison of Luxury Business Lifestyle. The pieces and their functionality, while unified by their black design, were carefully selected based on the everyday needs and mindset of those who don’t just strive to succeed, but who leave a mark with everything they do, always with meaning and purpose. Montblanc UltraBlack collection offers smart wearable technology for enhanced connectivity, leather pieces for seamless mobility, writing instruments for bold ideas and creativity, watches for audacious elegance,” - says Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO. 

Now, we mentioned that the Ultra Black Collection is a cross-category collection; meet 2021’s ‘What Moves You Makes You’ campaign - Montblanc Mark Makers.

Peggy Gou - What Moves You, Makes You

Montblanc Mark Makers are enthusiastic doers who create their own definition of success by pursuing the things that move them. This year’s Mark Markers are Cillian Murphy renowned Irish actor and Peggy Gou Berlin-based South Korean DJ.

Murphy states that a piece of writing should not only move an audience but leave them altered. In every performance he gives, he knows he must do the same. Also, well-accustomed to life on the stage is Peggy Gou. Her success and popularity wasn't a lucky break. The modern-day renaissance woman herself has single-handedly crafted it. Bringing her iconic and playful flair to everything she touches.

Cillian Murphy Ultra Black Writing

Peggy Gou Headphones

The Ultra Black Collection has been made up of luxurious leather items with the repeat M pattern, Ultra Black StarWalker writing instruments, MB 01 Headphones and an Augmented Paper Set.

Montblanc Ultra Black StarWalker Resin

Montblanc Ultra Black StarWalker Doue

Montblanc Ultra Black Accessories

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