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Montblanc Fragrances

Montblanc Fragrances

Here at Pen Sense, we have a great selection of Montblanc fragrances for men and women. Looking and smelling good makes us all feel confident, our range of Montblanc, perfume, aftershave and deodorants do just that. For the bold men filling the room with their presence, we offer the Individual Legend, Presence and StarWalker collections. For women captivating those around with your smile and your essence, we have the Femme de Montblanc and Femme de Individuelle collections. These fragrances range in capacity from 30ml, 50ml to 100ml. All the perfumes come complete with Montblanc branded presentation boxes to attractively match the Montblanc fragrance itself.

For Men

Our range of Montblanc colognes include Legend, StarWalker and Individual. Each scent produces its own unique fragrance, carefully crafted from natural scents and beautifully blended to make each man smell his best for every occasion.

Montblanc Legend Fragrance

Montblanc’s Legend aftershave evokes depth, modernity and mysteriousness. Its unique blend of Bergamot, French Lavender, Fresh Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood and Tonka Bean compliment one another beautifully and provide each and every man with an alluring aroma.

Montblanc StarWalker Fragrance

The StarWalker cologne has been crafted for younger males, although the young at heart can also enjoy it. A woody, spicy fragrance with hints of tonic and ginger form the base of this stunning scent. Undertones of star anise, pink pepper, cedar and amber complete this unique blend. Making each man irresistible every time he wears it.

Montblanc Individuel Fragrance

A refined fragrance for the sophisticated gentleman. This Montblanc aftershave has a rich, earthy scent. Blended with mint, lavender and tonka bean, these natural aromas are the perfect subtle statement of refinement.

Montblanc Presence Fragrance

Make yourself known in any room with this statement scent. The Presence fragrance for men emmits the fresh scent of bergamot with a spicy warmth of ginger, cardamom and cinnamon, providing a masculine sensuality. The key ingredients blended within this magnificent fragrance are; Sage, Apple And Heliotrope, Tonka Bean and Amber, Infused with Sensual Sandalwood and Musk.

For Ladies

Montblanc has blended a glorious selection of fragrances, specially for women. The Individuelle and Femme de Montblanc fragrances, provide the lady with fragrant fresh smelling perfume to match her beauty throughout the day. Suitable for any occasion, with any outfit, lady’s are never complete without their perfume.

Montblanc Femme Individuelle Fragrance

The Montblanc Femme Individuelle fragrance features subtle notes of rose and lotus flower, a delicately fresh scent with undertones of red currants and pink bay. This delightfully fresh perfume emmits floral notes throughout the day.

Montblanc Femme de Montblanc Fragrance

A diamond design captures the soul within the Femme de Montblanc perfume. This delicately feminine has delicious notes of peach, turkish rose, tonka bean and vanilla.

Montblanc Complimentary Fragrance Personalisation

All Montblanc fragrances come presented inside a stunning presentation box that doubles as a storage box when travelling. We offer plaque engraving services for presentation boxes in either silver or gold. We also offer complimentary gift wrapping services which will complete your purchase. Our Pen sense staff have state of the art engraving equipment to personalise your fragrance. Montblanc fragrances can either be engraved on the glass bottle or the metal cap, we have a variety of fonts to choose from.

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