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At Pen Sense, our collection of Visconti products is small but sophisticated. We have a number of beautiful writing instruments available in both ballpoint and fountain pen configurations. Each pen is beautifully crafted with the highest quality materials and professional finish. Our collection of Rembrandt  pens are expertly crafted and finished with the finest materials.

Visconti started in Florence Italy, on October 20th 1988. The company was the brainchild of Luigi Poli and Dante del Vecchio, two friends who decided to turn a common passion into business by founding Visconti. At the time, writing instruments were moving into the bigger cities and becoming an artform. Visconti focused on promoting the Italian ideals of ‘design and creativity, craftsmanship and innovation, quality and luxury’.

The first collection launched by the company was named “Classic”. Pens made from celluloid, a noble material that soon became used for several of the Visconti collections in the following years. In 1989, the company developed “Urushi”, the first limited edition collection of only 100 pieces, made from ebonite and decorated with the complex Japanese Urushi lacquer technique. 

The 1990’s brought great success for the company, the launch of the D’Essai collections in 1990, a line of beautifully crafted  60-year-old celluloid bars with a vintage flair, followed by the Ragtime in 1991, whose original glass nib revived an old feature dating back to World War II, when pen parts were made of glass to save gold.

In 1993 the High Vacuum Power Filler System was produced, shortly followed by the travel inkwell in 1997 and later the Double Reservoir Power Filling System in 1998 which made refilling simpler and tidy when travelling, with two reservoirs, designed to prevent leakage.

The new millennium saw Visconti launch the iconic bridge shaped clip making reference to the ancient Ponte Vecchino, the symbol of florence. A popular tourist attraction, visited by millions every year, the bridge links industrstry between two banks of a famous river. Similarly, the brand’s signature palladium-plated clip was designed to represent a meeting point between two millennia of history, past and present, tradition and innovation.

Between 2004 and 2005, the Opera and the Wall Street collections revealed the idea of squaring the circle to achieve perfect ergonomics, created by a square stem enclosed within a circle, topping off the instrument’s cap.

Visconti’s patented bayonet locking system was a key innovation alongside the Divina Proporzione pen, launched in 2006. As an official sponsor of the American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival, during the world premiere of The Da Vinci Code, Visconti showed international collectors a writing instrument inspired by archaic symbolic references, designed according to the golden ratio and enhanced by an exoteric 5-sided spiral shape with silver detailing.In 2010 Visconti created Homo Sapiens, its second iconic pen,  made unique by an innovative finish using Etna volcanic lava powder, with a fascinating texture and an unprecedented feel.

The Visconti family moved into the watchmaking industry in 2013. Throughout the years Visconti has remained synonymous with elegant products. Often combining their expertise with other members of the writing industry such as Pininfarina, Girard-Perregaux, Ulysse Nardin, Pelikan and Stefano Ricci, among others.

Visconti Personalisation Options

Why not personalise your Visconti writing instrument with a name, date or initials engraving for a truly memorable gift? 

At Pen sense we can engrave a personalised plaque for your Visconti presentation box..

Visconti products are perfect corporate gifts. Whether it's a company milestone or retirement there's no better way to say thank you than a bespoke engraving. We can engrave your company's logo on a gold or silver plaque that will be attached to the products presentation box. 

Complete your Visconti purchase by adding our gift wrapping service. We offer gift wrapping in either lavender or silver paper. We offer free UK delivery on all products and free UK next day delivery on all products over £100.