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Money Clips

  1. This Montblanc money clip is part of their Westside range.
    Special Price £72.00Temporarily
    out of stock
    out of stock
    Regular Price £90.00Temporarily
    out of stock
  2. This is the Montblanc Carbon Inlay Meisterstück Money Clip.
    Special Price £208.00 £173.33 Regular Price £260.00
  3. This is the Montblanc Degradè Navy Meisterstück 6CC Wallet with Money Clip.
    Special Price £212.00 £176.67 Regular Price £265.00

Take a look at our extensive range of money clips from highly prestigious menswear brands such as Paul Smith, TUMI, Purdey & more. Shop at Pen Sense for exclusive high quality money clips to add a touch of class, featuring an array of unique colours, bespoke designs & sizes. Browse our full collection of money clips online at Pen Sense, for all your organisational needs.