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Montblanc Writing Instruments

Montblanc Writing Instruments

The Montblanc Writing Instrument collection has produced hundreds of pens over the years and contains a wide variety including Ballpoint Pens, Fountain Pens, Fineliners, Rollerball Pens and Mechanical Pencils. Each individual writing instrument has been produced in many different collections, including Meisterstück, StarWalker and Heritage. Each Montblanc writing instrument in every collection uses a variety of high-quality materials, such as precious resin, platinum, sterling silver, palladium, gold, and more.

The Montblanc Ballpoint Pen's come with a twist mechanism that you turn to reveal the nib. Once you have finished writing, just simply turn the cap back and the ballpoint retracts back into the barrel to ensure your ink does just spill. The ballpoint refill itself uses an oil-based ink, meaning it dries instantly on the page and is great for everyday use and note-taking.

Over the years Montblanc have established a reputation for being one of the most sought after and high-quality producers of writing instruments, mainly down to their long history of producing quality fountain pens dating back to early 1900's. The majority of the fountain pen nibs that are fitted to the Montblanc pens have been crafted from 18ct gold, and all are hand finished to give you the ultimate writing experience. The fountain pens come fitted with either a piston converter that allows you to draw ink from a Montblanc bottle, or they have been designed to take one of the many ink cartridges that Montblanc produce in a variety of colours. The ink used has been specially designed to flow freely whilst writing, making them the perfect fountain pens for calligraphy, signatures or legal documents.

The Montblanc Mechanical Pencils come solely as part of Montblanc's most famous collection, the Meisterstück range. The pencils are each made from a precious resin material and have been fitted with either gold or silver-plated clips. The pencils come in either the Classique size which is perfect for a man or a woman, or the LeGrand size that is ideal for people with larger hands due to the thickness of the barrel.

The Montblanc Rollerball Pens bears similarities to both the ballpoint and fountain pens; they use a ball bearing point to write with, much like the ballpoints, but have the same removable cap like the fountain pens. The refill found in the Montblanc rollerball pens uses a water or gel ink instead of the viscous inks in the ballpoints, and this liquid ink produces a free-flowing ink on the paper to give you a high standard of writing experience. Due to using this type of gel ink, the rollerball pens come with the removable cap that can be twisted off to start writing but must always be put back on once you have completed using it, otherwise, the liquid ink can dry up if left uncovered.

Each Montblanc Writing Instrument has its own individual serial number engraved into the metal part just above the clip to show its authenticity. This serial number helps you to identify that the pen is a genuine Montblanc writing instrument, and also is a display to when the pen was actually made. Your Montblanc pen will come with a 2 year international warranty booklet that has been filled out on the day of purchase, in which your serial number for that pen will be written. Upon purchase, every Montblanc pen comes delivered to you in its own bespoke presentation box for safe storage for when your writing instrument is not in use.

Montblanc Writing Instrument Refills

At Pen Sense, we know that a pen is nothing without it's refill. We stock an extensive range of Montblanc refills so your pen is always ready to write, and so we always have a steady supply of Montblanc pen refills, fountain pen refills, rollerball pen refills, ballpoint pen refills, fineliner refills and pencil refills with free UK delivery to keep you writing.

Montblanc Complimentary Writing Instrument Personalisation

At Pen Sense we offer a fully bespoke free of charge engraving service on the majority of our Montblanc Writing Instruments. We are able to engrave onto the caps of most of our pens with up to 3 lines of text being available on some of the items. We are also able to engrave into the resin and can match the text to the colour trim of the pen. This is ideal if you wish to have a name, memorable date, or occasion engraved on the pen to be presented as a gift. We are also able to engrave some of the pen clips on the Montblanc pens, however, due to the limited space, we are solely able to engrave up to 6 characters in this position. This is ideal for a more discreet engraving if you would like just a name, date, or set of initials. The engraving service helps to make a truly bespoke gift for the recipients. If you require a longer message, we are also able to attach a silver or gold plaque to the lid of the Montblanc presentation box, which van be engraved with a message of your choice. We also deal with a lot of corporate orders here at Pen Sense, and are able to quickly turn around large orders with your company logo on the plaques for the giftbox and in some cases, when possible, even engrave your logo onto the pen cap. We also provide a gift-wrapping service that is free of charge for all our Montblanc pens, along with a handwritten message to complete your gift and give it a personal and luxurious finish.