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Heritage Egyptomania

Heritage Egyptomania

Montblanc is best known for its innovative writing instruments that reflect all walks of life. Their Heritage collection reflects the (rich) heritage of the Maison in the reinvention of historic designs and on-going spirit of technical innovations. We’ve seen previous Heritage lines such as Rouge et Noir and Heritage Spider. 2020’s Heritage line celebrates the notion of discoveries, exploration and pioneering spirit. The ’20s was not only pivotal for Montblanc but was also a highlight within Archaeological discoveries and famous explorers touring the world in search of them.

Arguably, Egypt is one of the most influential cultures in history, fascinating mankind for centuries. Montblanc’s Egyptomania has taken inspiration from the 1920’s ‘Egyptian Writing Instruments’.

The Egyptomania Heritage collection features the revival of Montblanc’s octagonal-shaped writing instruments. “Egyptomania, from Greek Egypto “Egypt” and mania “madness, fury”, refers to the enthusiasm for everything related to ancient Egypt”.

Montblanc Heritage Egyptomania lifestyle images

The collection features Special Edition Doué pens and Special Edition Resin pens. Each writing instrument cap features a set of hieroglyphics that translate to the word “Montblanc”. The Special Edition Doué writing instruments feature hieroglyphics engraved along the barrel which have been taken from the very first passage of the Book of Death of Hunefer, the Royal Scribe. The Special Edition Resin writing instruments feature gold-coated fittings with a vintage look and a scarab beetle - taking inspiration from the original Egyptian writing instruments.

Montblanc Special Edition Heritage Egyptomania Resin pens

Montblanc Heritage Egyptomania Doue writing instruments

Each special edition writing instrument comes in the form of a Ballpoint Pen, Fountain Pen and Rollerball Pen. Accessories have been designed to suit these writing instruments, including a Fine Stationery Notebook. The notebook features a digitally printed hieroglyph that translates to “Montblanc”.

Montblanc Heritage Egyptomania Accessories

Each Heritage Egyptomania writing instrument is presented inside their own gift box that we can personalise with a silver or gold plaque and your chosen gift wrapping.

If you have any questions regarding the Heritage Egyptomania collection please don’t hesitate to get in contact :).

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