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Montblanc October Update

Montblanc October Update


Montblanc have excelled yet again, celebrating the beauty and culture of language and writing with their new Calligraphy Collection. In Chinese culture, calligraphy represents personality and success. Despite its ancient history, calligraphy in all its forms will always be considered to be traditional, modern and artistically expressive. Montblanc have taken this traditionality and blended it with aesthetic beauty to create their new Calligraphy collection. Featuring precious metals like Gold and Silver contrasted against carbon black with hand-applied gold foil, each piece is truly unique. The new Meisterstück Calligraphy collection is a contemporary interpretation of the classic Meisterstück range, featuring hand-crafted Au750 Gold flexible nibs with a range of widths available for that authentic calligraphic ink transfer. The collection also features a range of notebooks, inks and cufflinks.

Montblanc Meisterstück Calligraphy Writing Instruments

Montblanc Meisterstück Calligraphy Notebooks & Ink Bottle

Montblanc Calligraphy Cufflinks

Sartorial Calligraphy

Keeping the modernity of calligraphy in mind, Montblanc have just released their new Sartorial Calligraphy range, a collection that blends classic Saffiano black leather designs with contemporary Ivory coloured calligraphy, fresh and fluent with style. The collection includes a range of leather goods, including notebooks, wallets, cardholders, backpacks and more to follow.

Montblanc Sartorial Calligraphy Wallets

Montblanc Sartorial Calligraphy Pen-Pouch, Notebook and Backpack

Montblanc Sartorial Calligraphy Card-Holder and Pocket Diary

Marc Newson (RED)


Today's action can change the lives of tomorrow. That's why, for the second year running, Montblanc have partnered up with (RED) and Marc Newson to create a bespoke writing instrument collection that not only adds style to your day, but directly contributes to fight for an AIDS-free world. There are over 23 million people globally living with AIDS, and each day over 400 babies are born with HIV, with 21 priority countries in Africa accounting for roughly 90% of all cases of new pediatric infections. Today, medicines exist to stop mother-to-child transmission of HIV and to ensure that children are born HIV-free, but first women need to be able to access HIV testing during pregnancy. Montblanc and Marc Newson have come together to design a set of writing instruments for (RED), featuring platinum-coated silver tones with red precious resin accents to help support women’s rights to access these lifesaving tests. The new (RED) fountain pen and (RED) rollerball combine timeless design elements with quality craftsmanship to truly create a collection to be proud of. We need to ensure that all HIV-positive pregnant women can access antiretroviral medicine, and we can only do this with your support. Antiretroviral medicine costs as little as 16p a day, and with a percentage of each Montblanc (RED) writing instrument going directly to the (RED) charity, your purchase not only has the ability to change lives, but the ability to save them too. (RED), because where you live shouldn’t determine whether or not you live.

Montblanc x Marc Newson (RED) Rollerball and Fountain Collection


The Heritage Rouge et Noir Collection celebrates the 113-year-old pioneering spirit of Montblanc, with updated piston technology and quality craftsmanship spanning decades, the new serpent marble collection encompasses traditional artistry with modern creativity. Bringing you the finest reinterpretation of the famous 1906 fountain pen, the new Serpent Marble Collection features a slim body, with a red and black digitally printed marble design and the traditional vintage look serpent clip. With the whole range comprising the traditional fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint, a matching notebook, pen-pouch, and accessories, it is already proving to be a classically timeless collection that stands above the rest as one of the finest writing instrument collections around.

Montblanc Rouge et Noir Pen-Pouch and Fountain Pen

Montblanc Rouge et Noir Ballpoint and Rollerball

Pen Sense Services

Here at Pen Sense, we offer a wide range of different beneficial services. We offer personalisation services such as leather blind or foil embossing, engraving and plaque engraving for presentation boxes. For Montblanc products, there’s no additional charge for personalisation services apart from plaque engraving. We also offer gift wrapping services which again comes free of charge for all Montblanc items. Free UK Delivery is offered on all purchases over £10 and Free UK Next Day Delivery is offered on purchases over £100.

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